Skinny Models May Become Banned?

by - 6:30 pm

Finally after years and years of this issue being around they may be finally putting a stop to it. The Telegraph has published an article on how skinny models may become banned! I have always had strong opinions on this issue as it does not showcase the right image to young people. Having always been bullied for my weight even though I have never been fat it has a huge effect on me as a person. With young kids looking at these images of unnatural people, both boys and girls are being surrounded by unhealthy pictures which stems into another issue......bullying.

Boys inparticular were the main source of my bullying. They were used to looking at thin girls and saw me as being the odd one? I think this article is brilliant it shows the fashion industry is finally taking models health seriously and the effect that image has on the public. Many people will disagree with this as they feel that clothes hang better on skinny models.....yes certain items look better on smaller people. I know more than most that some clothes look horrible on me. But the average size for a British woman is a size 16. So the people that designers are trying to sell clothes too people are not the main focus when showcasing the clothes???

Have a read see what you think.....

Jodie x

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