Jennifer Lawrence On The Red Carpet

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Being a huge fan of The Hunger Games books and film I cant help but look at what Jennifer Lawrence is wearing as she has been in the media spotlight non-stop recently. I'm all about simplicity when it comes to fashion on the red carpet. Less is always more as they say. Here are my favourite Jennifer Lawrence March red carpet outfits.

This dress is my favourite-simple design but attention to detail when it comes to the fabric and the fit.
Dress by Ralph Lauren wore to The Hunger Games Premiere!

Definitely less fabric but again a lovely fitting dress, although I'm not a green person I really like this dress.
Outfit by Calvin Klein wore at the New York screening.

This dress is also one of my favourites and I wish I had a figure that would look as good init too!
Again a simple style is always best.
Dress by Prabal Gurung wore in NYC for The Late Night Show with David Letterman

Jodie x

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