The Worlds Youngest Mothers

by - 9:57 pm

After reading an article that one of my friends on Facebook had posted about I can honestly say I don't think I've ever been more shocked. The article which was posted by yahoo was about the latest record pregnancy in the world......a girl of 9 years old gives birth to a baby boy! I thought teenage pregnancy was a problem now the girls are even younger!

After researching a bit further I found a link on the webpage to Wikipedia which gives details of the youngest ever recorded births in history. I know some people think Wikipedia is not a reliable source but I find it highly informative even in the most disturbing of cases. The records date back to the 1930's and tell tales of children as young as 5 getting pregnant!! The data is frightening but highly interesting at the same wouldn't believe the level of cruelty that has taken place!

Have a read and i know you will all be as shocked as I was.....

Jodie x

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