Beauty in the Making Exhibition, London

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On April 26th myself and my uni class made the massive trip from Preston to London to attend GF Smith's Beauty in the Making exhibition. As it was kind of a last minute trip I didn't research the event so I had no idea what to expect. The whole theme was about paper....yes, I said paper! Obviously the name of the event gave nothing away. If I'm honest I was slightly disappointed as I was expecting something fashion or beauty based and we ended up spending an hour understanding the process of paper etc. It did open my eyes a little about how something simple can be used a variety of different ways.

The event also helped me spark some new ideas for my up and coming portfolio which is always helpful. We also recevied some freebies....will never complain when given free stuff! This I think was the highlight! I was given various different things in a paper goodie, but I loved this thick, colourful note book which boasts a huge range of different paper and will be perfect for a scrapbook or diary.

The exhibition has now closed it ran from 23-27 April at Victoria House basement in Bloomsbury.

Jodie x

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