Is Plus Size Disappearing?

by - 4:09 pm

I have always been very passionate whens it comes to body image in the fashion industry. I have posted about articles in the past about how people are spurring on the unhealthy size zero image. Having feedback on those posts made me want to research the subject more. Instead of looking at the size zero image I decided to explore the Plus Size Model industry. I found that models who used to be classed as plus sized models are now conforming to fashions idea of beauty.

I read an article published by the about the famous plus size model Crystal Renn. It seems in recent fashion shoots that she has completely shred all the weight she worked to put on during her illness with anorexia  Various fashion experts in the industry have voiced there disappointment in her saying "She has betrayed us". Although these are very harsh comments to make, I feel that people do have a point. Crystal Renn was so well known in the plus size industry and no she has gone against what she stood for and now fits in with the generic fashion model.

It is rumoured that she has shred nearly a third of her body weight to conform to the typical skinny model image! I personally don't want plus size modelling to die out as it shows everyone that all woman are different and beauty comes in every shape and size.


Jodie x

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