Size zero vs Plus size

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I always try to keep up with the articles regarding the constant battle between size zero and plus size! I came across an article published on the website that features Tyra Banks talking about size zero. "Today you are expected to be a size zero. When I started out, I didn’t know such a size even existed,” the Daily Mail quoted her.

We all know that it is not the models fault that such problems exist but the industry that force them to conform. I am delighted to hear that Vogue have finally put a ban on rail thin models gracing their pages! NO MORE THINSPIRATION! :)

A perfect example of this is model Candice Huffine who bagged herself yet another magazine cover with Italian Vogue last July in their 'Real Beauties' edition. She is a healthy size 14 and looks sexy and like a real woman should on the cover of S Moda magazine!

Some examples of plus size models in our industry today!

I have got to say I envy these women with real but beautiful bodies!

Candice Huffine

Whitney Thompson

Tara Lynn

Jodie x

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