Thylane Blondeau - The 10 year old Supermodel

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Too much too young? I read this article a few weeks ago about one of the worlds youngest supermodels and I really can't decide weather I agree or disagree with this issue. Obviously child models are used throughout the fashion industry but maybe Tylane Blondeau's latest spread in French Vogue is a little far. The 15 page spread shows the 10 year old dresses provocatively wearing heavy make-up and shoes that look massively to big in height as well as length. Having researched Tylane Blondeau a little more I've found some of her work lovely. It is age appropriate and does not sexualise the child in anyway. A lot of people especially parents have strongly disagreed with this controversial story saying it invites the wrong kind of audience, which is completely correct.

Stats show that 63% of young girls aged between 15-19 years old want to be glamour models! It shows how the media has a huge effect on the general public especially easily influenced teenagers.
Where young models are concerned I feel there is a line that should not be crossed. Child modelling is different from the sexualisation of children so most people will agree. Parents should crack down on what they expose their children too. The fashion and modelling industry is difficult enough for adults but for children.....Too much too young?  


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  1. Definately too much too young.... it's just wrong on so many levels.... let children stay children for as long as possible.....

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