Mid-Cheshire Fashion Show 2012

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I myself attented Mid-Cheshire College a few years ago studying Fashion and Clothing. So after I left I always liked to head back to my roots at the end of each year to see the annual student fashion show. The evening is split by BTEC students and Foundation students. Having gone through the process myself I understand that the standard of the garments grow as you proceed through the years. The first year students showed promise but lack the conviction that the Foundation degree provides.

The fashion show was held at The Winsford Lifestyle Centre in Cheshire. The hall supported over 20 large round tables which we were showered with wine, cakes and nibbles! I can honestly say I had a lovely evening and overall the standard was very high! I obviously took loads of pictures and want to share them with you! Visit the blog's Facebook page for the full album, I have just uploaded my favourite garments/collections from the evening to the blog page.

Table and cake!

BTEC Diploma 2nd Year:

Designer: Olivia Mullin

Designer: Kathryn Crank

Designer: Alex Maydew

Foundation Degree Year 1: Group Collections

Foundation Degree 2nd and Final Year:

 Designer: Tanya Gill  Collection: English Elegance

Designer: Sarah Barron  Collection: Native Warmth

Designer: Michael Ryland  Collection: Charity Cases

Designer: Natalie Morris  Collection: Endeavours

Designer: Charlotte Currie  Collection: A World Away

Designer: Denise Raisbeck  Collection: Let Them Eat Cake

 Designer: Alexandra Conway  Collection: Spirit of the Afterlife


Jodie x

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