Fifty Shades of Grey

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As every person who walks this earth knows the Fifty Shades trilogy has taken the world by storm! Nearly every woman I know has either read it or in the process of reading it. Having completed the trilogy myself not so long ago I found the books hard to put down. Pretty much being every woman's fantasy (maybe minus a few details.....) no wonder we can't get enough of Mr Grey! But it official people....The world has gone Fifty Shades of Crazy! With millions of books sold and a movie in the making even the fashion industry is capitalising on the series.

Luxury fashion brand Marc New York which is a diffusion of Andrew Marc has truly been inspired by the erotic novels and they have just released a new fashion campaign supporting models portraying the famous Christian Grey and Ana Steele!

I can honestly say that the trilogy was great and certainly was a page turner....many people say the sex scenes got a bit repetitive but who cares! We love it! Worth the read.... :)

 Even bespoke tailors Norton and Townsend have jumped of the Fifty Shades band wagon by creating a new collection which supports a massive 200 shades of grey suits all given appropriate names such as Guilty Pleasure Grey, Gentle Grey and Glamorous Grey!

Hosiery and Lingerie brand Wolford have also just launched a new line of sexy, bondage inspired hosiery! Fifty Shades has definietly got into every aspect of our lives! The range supports ankle garters, bondage style stockings and kinky corsets!

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