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As you will know if you already read the blog I write a lot about body image and the effect plus size and size zero have on the world. We go through crazes in this industry, curvy then thin then back to curvy, but what would you say should stick?

I found an article at which has discovered size zero pizza!? Yes you read it right size zero pizza! A Dubai pizzeria have opened its doors and now promotes the worlds thinnest pizza said to be only 400 calories and a tiny 0.4cm thick! If you ask me if you are going to do pizza do it right! They have all individual names including Slim fit, IT girl, Waist line and Swim suit!

I will repeat the industry goes through crazes and it seems size zero is again on the up! I'm all for shedding a few pounds to fit into your favourite pair of trousers, which I myself am doing at the moment so I can fit into a pair of new trousers, but it is now going to the extreme! A recent study has found that young girls around college age are more concerned about calorie counting and their looks then their health! Cutting calories can actually be dangerous if you cut the wrong ones. The study shows that women may be losing weight but are lacking in vital vitamins and minerals, suffering from insomnia and lack of energy. Can you honestly say it is worth risking your health?

It also angers me when designers such as Karl Lagerfeld speak out promoting the size zero image! The designer recently praised Victoria Beckham for regaining her super tiny figure so after just 4 weeks after giving birth! Personally Posh Beckham has always been abit of a mystery to me. She is a great role model in a certain respect when you look at her achievements in business and fashion but being such a public figure she should promote a healthy body image seen as so many young girls look up to her? It also amazes me how a designer like Karl Lagerfeld publicly praises size zero then edits the photographs to make the models bodies look fuller! From the picture below... do you think that looks healthy?

It is refreshing to know that editorials such as Vogue have ditched models such as Kate Moss and opted for healthier models such as Kate Upton! I hope that the fashion industry finds a balance in the near future to help concur the battle between size zero and plus size!

Jodie x

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