Skincare and Make-up Tips

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After looking at the stats on my blog I found most people who view the website are drawn mostly to the Make-up trial and ideas posts. I feel everyone, including myself, is always looking for little hints and tips on make-up and skincare. I always like to recommend products here as I used to be one of those people who struggled to find the right products to suit me!

After years....literally years of trying different skincare products I have finally found my favourite skincare brand! I use all there products and think they are great! The Simple range does everything from cleanser to moisturiser which are both my two favourite products! The range is great for sensitive skin and does not make your eyes sting (like most facial wipes do) when taking off your make-up! It leaves the skin feeling lovely and soft! So here are my tips and hints for a skincare regime that suits everyone! For The Simple cleanser and moisturiser you will pay under £5 at Bodycare and they last the duration!


1. Always remove all traces of make-up before going to bed! Left over make-up causes blocked pores and horrible spots! And we don't want either do we?

2. Use damp cotton wool with a good cleanser to remove make-up! Its easier on the eyes than facial wipes and better for your skin!

3. Always moisturise after taking off you make-up. Your cleanser may leave your skin feeling smooth but the moisturiser keeps your skin refreshed all through the night!

4. Always apply a layer of moisturiser the the skin before applying any make-up in the morning as it provides the face with a smoother base for foundations etc.

5. Don't both with facial toners (a liquid meant for removing remaining traces of make-up after cleansing the skin). I find the product rather pointless. If you invest in a great cleanser toners seem insignificant! Save yourself some money!

6. Don't use any other heavy creams on your face apart from cleansers and moisturisers as certain creams can dry the skin out or even cause spots and blemishes.

7. Always buy skincare products that are unperfumed and have no colour! To many chemicals can have a bad effect on most peoples skin!

8. Stick with the brands you know! When you find a skincare brand that suits you stick with it! As I said before The Simple range is great for sensitive, dry skin and amazing at removing make-up!

9. If you are prone to spots and blemishes like I used to be try T-Zone spot zapper! It may sting a bit but that means it's working! No spots = great skin!

10. Look after your skin every day!!! You will see the results as the years pass. Smoking is the worst habit for your skin so if you smoke quitting will be the best medicine for your skin! Keep your skin young with a good lifestyle and a great skincare regime! :)

11. ( I know it says top ten tips but I thought of another one) The best deodorant I have ever used is the Sanex sensitive! It doesn't leave white marks and is gentle on skin after shaving! Some cheaper brands may make underarms sting slightly. You can buy Sanex from Bodycare for just £1.39.

Jodie x

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