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I go through periods of sticking to the same make-up routine for months on end. Although I love my make-up and enjoy applying it I think I'm in need of a new look. Of course everyone has their own Make up essentials and so do I! As it happens all of my make-up essentials come from Maybelinne.

My essentials include the dream satin liquid foundation, the eyestudio lasting drama gel eyeliner and the colossol lash mascara. I can honestly say that out of all the make-up brands I've tried this is the best make-up when your on a budget especially when Boots offer the products at 3 for 2 so I get all of my essentials for under £15. Huge fan of the gel eyeliner! My best buy yet!
In the morning when putting my face on I always like to create a smokey eye. Whoever said smokey eyes are just for evening is lying! I always support a heavier eye and It makes my eyes stand out and pop! I firmly believe when applying eye shadow weather it be for a smokey eye or not you should always you at least two tones or shades of colour! I have used up to 5 shades in the past to create the perfect smokey eye! A great white or shimmer base always works well for me, it highlights the entire lid before applying any other colour. I also like to build up my colours starting from light then to dark.

My Make-up essentials!

My existing everyday make-up style I want to start experimenting with more colour, shape and style.
I always wear heavy eye make-up as I can't carry off any shade off lipstick :/ so I try to find a variety of different styles to use on my eyes!

New Ideas to get more creative with my make-up!











Jodie x

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