Bad Celebrity Plastic Surgery - Before and After

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This world is officially obsessed with being perfect! If it isn't the latest diet its plastic just to show you how bad surgery can make you look I've done some research into histories worst!!

Some of these images are pretty scary - you may want to look away now haha :/

Amanda Lepore aged 44 - One of the worlds most famous transsexuals - the transformation is shocking! She is well known for being in a huge range of fashion and beauty campaigns for various big brands including MAC make-up. If the surgery continues will her career?

Jocelyn Wildenstine aged 72! - One of the most famous celebrity plastic surgery disasters! Now really why would you want to look like this? Rumoured to have spent almost 5 million of plastic surgery, well I think I would ask for my money back!

Jackie Stallone aged 90! - Best known as Sylvester Stallone's mother, She didn't want to grow old gracefully?

Heidi Montag aged just 26! Although only young Heidi Montag has under gone lots of major plastic surgery procedures already! Famous for her time on the reality show 'The Hills' the star is also known for her record breaking 10 plastic surgery procedures in ONE DAY! She was a beautiful girl before I really don't see what needed improving? I'm afraid she might topple over....

Donatella Versace aged 57 - Is a famous Italian fashion designer! Although I love her designs I can't say I love her look! Having under gone lip, breast and facial surgery the designer is looking a bit worse for wear! 

 Mickey Rouke aged 60 - I think men who have plastic surgery are crazy! Everyone knows men age better than woman! Plastic surgery on men is also a lot more obvious. Mickey Rouke is a famous American actor and well known for is very stretched face!


I rest my case! Scary!

Jodie x

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  1. I don't understand when celebrities do this to their faces :( it looks so terrible. xxx

  2. OMG! I'm NEVER doing plastic surgery!

    Sandra from The Puzzle of Sandra's Life

  3. OMG! Look at what they've become! They look like cartoons for crying out loud! These will be a good lesson for people thinking of getting plastic surgery. Bad things can happen when you undergo surgeries like that! Always remember that, enough is enough; and don't get addicted to it or else these will happen to you! Haha!

    1. I know I completely agree!

      Thank u for visiting everyone :)


  4. Awful! They look just awful... don't have words to describe them. I also went for a tummy tuck procedure by Dr. Jerome Edelstein, but I definitely don't go further. Cosmetic surgery should be done with moderation... to help to achieve beauty, not like this...

  5. Kenny Rogers needs added to this list!

  6. Thanks for this information. Actually, in my opinion people has done plastic surgery to look like celebrity. But this is not the right thing and after seen your blog they would change their decision.