Palmers Natural Bronze Tanning Moisturizer Review

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Being fair skinned and never acquiring a decent tan in the summer has lead me to try many varieties of fake tans and gradual tanners. I think everyone remembers when the fake tan hype first appeared, one of my first gradual tanners was from the Johnson's range which left noticeable streaks and also smelled not so healthy! I have also tried products from Nivea and Simple which both were gradual tanners. These products made your skin feel great but a lot of applications were needed before you saw any results.

Not so long ago my friend from work who is abit of a tanning expert recommended a product from the Palmer's range. Seen as I am so pale I tend to stay away from very dark or instant tanners so a gradual tanner is perfect for me. The Palmer's Gradual Tanning Moisturiser is honestly the best product I have tried! With even one application you see results and if applied properly looks natural and has no streaks! The moisturiser is made from a cocoa butter formula which smells lovely! I have definitely found the right product for me! The more you use it the darker you get. One piece of advice would be apply the product every other day rather than everyday as this will give you a more natural effect. Also exfoliate on your day off from tanning to remove any excess skin.

Would definitely recommend this product to anyone looking for a natural bronze look! I bought my product from bodycare for under £5, well worth it!

Jodie x

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