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The world, especially England, have been big on recycling for many years and has spread like a virus to all other industries. The fashion industry is going recycling crazy this year with brands such as Fendi, Urbandon and even pop star has teamed up with Coca-Cola to produce a recycled fashion line, with brands such as Levi's New Era and MCM supporting the project and getting involved!

There has always been a very fine line between art and fashion which is understandable seen as most designers take inspiration from the various art movements. The same is said for recycled fashion, there is a fine line between ready-to-wear items and more avant garde items. Designers such as Ilaria Venturini Fendi has created her own collection of handbags that feature recycled items such as old light switch plates, seat belts, handles and mirrors and leather seats from old crash test cars, which stemmed from a collaboration with the well known car company Mini. Her Carmina Campus bags are all different and made from "only reusable materials, or unused but out of production, which give a second life." She has also created items from disused military tents and blankets!
Venturini Fendi doesn't just produce handbags from recycled materials she also creates furniture and jewelry including earrings that incorporate the plastic hands from dolls.

I feel like items created from recycled materials are more like pieces of art then fashion items! I love the spin some designers have put to basic designs and made them clever! Pretty much anything you see can be recycled and redeveloped from newspaper to fabric to bottle caps!
Newspaper Dress

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