Rimmel London 60 Second Nail Varnish Review

by - 9:53 pm

I was away with a friend on a spa weekend and was in desperate need of some nail varnish as I had forgot mine and ended up buying this 60 second dry Rimmel London red nail varnish! I love the colour and it has such a high shine which makes it look really expensive! Also very easy to apply and a great brush.

Down side...If you have a job that is quite heavy on your hands it chips easily. I did 2 coats when I first applied and had to patch up the next day after work.

Up side...I find it stays on great on your toe nails! Again with its high shine it looks great and expensive. It dries really quickly too, I wouldn't say 60 seconds but certainly quicker than most other brands. Would recommend for nights out and long lasting toe nails!

Updated! - After using this nail varnish for a second time I found it chipped even quicker! After more experience with this product I would not recommend, its sad as the colour is lovely!

Jodie x

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  1. I didn't have a nice experience with this nail polish :( Actually thing that I did after applying it (and waiting to dry) was to drive 10 min to meet with a friend. When I arrived there, it has already chipped. Now it sits unused.

    Thank your for sending your link after #bbloggers chat last Sunday. I am following now.


  2. Aw it's such a shame it chips so easy because the colour looks gorgeous and I'm loving the glossy finish. Great honest review though!

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