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I stumbled across an article on the dailymail website about Team GB's appearance at the Women of the Year awards last month. The entire Great British team were being honoured for their achievements and being an inspiration during this years Olympic and Paralympic games. They were presented the award by Lindsay Nicholson, editorial director of Good Housekeeping magazine who said 'Our incredible Olympians and Paralympians broke new records and won more medals than ever before. But, for me, most importantly they sent out a message to all young women that there is so much more to aspire to physically than being size zero.'

How true is this quote!? I find the olympians so inspirational and also believe the send out such a positive message to young people today! I like to report news to my blog about anything that promotes a healthy body image as you may see from other articles in my blog! (see the blogs archives) :)

It always surprises me how the media latches on to any weight gain by celebrities that are in the public eye! When Lady Gaga recently gained just under 2 stone the media went crazy! When a little bit more weight actually did her a few favours! Fellow singer Christina Aguilera has also spoken out about her gradually weight gain over the last year saying she is sick of struggling to be so skinny! The media should be helping to push a healthy body image not slander anyone who gains a little weight! Maybe they should take a look at the true inspirations in this country!

Jodie x

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  1. i love this blog post! well written :)