Christmas Haul!

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I have been very spoilt this year! Well I get spoilt every year! But here is just a selection of the lovely gifts I have received this year. I couldn't possibly fit all the bottles of wine I received in these pictures! It will definitely be a jolly New Year!
From my lovely boyfriend I as given this awesome new Finepix Fujifilm camera! I have been dying for a decent camera for ages with my small digital not fulfilling my needs when it comes to photography! Can not wait to try it out, it is definitely an impressive piece of kit!


My brother's gift giving has definitely improved this year! Seen as last year I received a DVD which he opened and watched before he wrapped up for me! :) Well at least I know he wouldn't bother trying this gift out! I am a sucker for the Britney Spears perfumes and I unwrapped The Fantasy Perfume which I haven't used before and it is lovely! I also love the packaging for this product!


This gift will certainly used beyond repair! After several attempts at making various desserts etc I insisted I needed some help in the baking department and my friend surprised me with this! I am definitely more a cook than a baker but now I have no excuse to fail! :)


More of a stocking filler but never disappoints! I always buy my beauty products from Maybelline and am always running out of something or other. My Mum of course keeps me happy at Christmas by buying products to fill up my Make-up bag. Love this product and would definitely recommend!


I am big lover of jewellery but never seem to wear it! Confusing I know but I think it's because I don't own any nice jewellery so my awesome secret Santa present did not disappoint. A selection of biege and gold bracelets which go perfectly with a newly bought outfit for an upcoming wedding! I will definitely be wearing more jewellery from now on!


Being a big kid at heart I just can't resist my Disney films! Having grown up with Cinderella, Jungle Book and Lion King I am officially starting to collect all of my favourite Disney's on DVD (seen as my VHS tapes are a bit old school!) My Nan wants to keep me young! Buying me The Lion King and Toy Story Trilogy!! My weekend is made!


There is only two words! CHRISTMAS SOCKS! No Christmas is complete without the good old stocking filler of awesome socks!

Jodie x

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  1. The camera is fantastic! And I'm a sucker for Britney Spears perfume. They smell sooo good!


    1. I love my new camera its so much better than my digital one, would definitely recommend! Britney Spears perfume all the way! :) thanks for visiting xx

  2. wow you got some great stuff! I love toy story :)
    I watched it xmas day!

    Check out my xmas giveaway; :)

    1. Thanks hun! Yeah I am such a sucker for kids films! :) Thanks for visiting xx