How To Dress For Your Body Shape

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I think a lot of women struggle to identify which body shape they have. Having spent a lot of time trying to figure out what my body shape is I feel I need to spread the knowledge onto other women! Not only will I try and provide you with a chance for you to identify your body shape but also which clothes look best on each body type!

Although there are many different body shapes I chose the 5 most common!

The Hourglass is basically what it says on the tin! With a bigger chest, a short, narrow waist and wider hips you are an hourglass! I would slot myself into this category! Although the hourglass is well known for being the sexiest body shape it is actually very difficult finding clothing to fit!

Clothing Tips: Always remember show off your assets! The hourglass body shape suits lower necklines and fitted, streamlined clothing to show off your lovely curves! For example blouses and tops with a V-neckline will open up your top half of your body and not box you out! Which you need to avoid as it can make you look frumpy. Always emphasise your waist, this is your smallest feature so show it off with a gathered waistline or fitted, stylish waist belt. For the hourglass shape pencil skirts and dresses are your best friend! They will do wonders for your figure you just have to have the confidence to wear them!

Your Best Colours: Black, Red and Navy.

Example Clothing:

The Pear is where you carry most of your weight around your thighs, calves and saddlebags, the up side is that you have a slender upper body. You may not have a huge chest but you can fit into delicate tops and dresses and you also have a tiny waist and toned arms!

Clothing Tips: Avoid emphasising your problem areas such as your thighs and calves. Try wearing flat fronted trousers (pants that have no extra pleats or fabric etc) they lie close to the leg and don't add bulk to your problem areas! Wearing clothing that come with a waist ties/belts will emphasise your tiny waist and slender upper body. Show off your toned arms with strappy tops and short sleeved blouses! A stiletto will also elongate the leg making it look less chunky!

Your Best Colours: Electric Blue, Black and Beige.

Example Clothing:

The Apple is known for its round shape. Although women with the apple shaped body are known for being less confident your body shape is easily redefined with the right clothing! People with an apple shaped bodies normally have a great chest and cleavage and slim calves and ankles!

Clothing Tips: Enhance that great cleavage first and for most with the right fitting bra! Too many women wear the wrong bra size and shape! Wearing a balcony bra under all your clothing will keep your chest in place and give you a great pair! Like the hourglass the apple shape benefits from low necklines such as V-necks and fitted jackets that button under the bust to emphasise your best asset! Again like the pear shape avoid adding bulk such as excess fabric to your problem areas! Any dresses or skirts should always be below the knee to show off your amazing slim pins and ankles! Also a slim wedge shoe will make your legs look great!

Your Best Colours: Black, Plum and Brown

Example Clothing:

The Column is the shape most tall women out there have! You struggle to find clothes to fit for example long enough sleeves and trouser legs. But when you do find clothes to fit women with the column shape can pretty much carry off any garment! The trick to dressing your column shape is to break up the body with key features. The column shape has to know how to dress with your long limbs!

Clothing Tips: The column can have quiet a masculine shape so finding extra feminine clothing will have soften your figure. A delicate floral chiffon dress is great for tall women with boyish figures. Also tall women tend to avoid monster heels and this makes the figure look even longer. Find a mid height chunkier heel (around 3inch) which is supportive, these will elongate your legs but no make you look too lanky! Gathering and pleats work well for the column as it breaks up the endlessness of the body!

Your Best Colours: Floral, Reds, Soft Pinks and White.

Example Clothing:

The Bell  is a shape that has a shapely bottom and narrow shoulders. Being narrow up top can obviously make you look bottom heavy. The trick is not to lose your femininity as you get older! Women with a bell shape usually are petite so it is key to keep everything in your wardrobe as feminine as possible!

Clothing Tips: As women who are bell shaped are normally bottom heavy you need to broaden your shoulders to create a full shape. Clothing such as funnel coats and blazers with subtle shoulder pads will do the trick! But make sure you try and emphasise your waist if your trying to broaden your shoulders. So if you go for a shoulder enhancing blazer purchase one that is fitted and buttons under the bust. A great pair of straight leg tailored trousers will make your legs look longer and slimmer!

Your Best Colours: Black, Navy, Dark Purple and Grey.

Example Clothing:

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  1. Hey Jodie,

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    1. Hi Tracy!

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