Avon Make-up Haul and Reviews

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I very rarely buy make-up from Avon as I normally stick with my faithful Maybelline products but I was prompted by a catalogue my mum brought home to start spending. There was a few items that were missing from my make-up bag so I decided to see if I could find all the products I needed from the Avon website. One disappointment was I couldn't find any reasonably priced bronzing powder, which for a make-up brand is a little surprising but I did find some other great products!

Firstly I am HUGE on eye make-up so anything from eyeliner to eye-shadow grabs my attention, along with the right tools for the job! I was sorely lacking a range of different coloured eye-shadows so this was my first purchase! I also needed a decent eye-shadow brush which would allow me to create more defined shapes with my make-up. I also never wear lipstick or lip-gloss so following a conversation with my boyfriend who suggested I give it a try, I added two different shades to my basket. So here are the products I purchased!

Products and prices:

2x True Colour Eyeshadow Quad in colours Mocha Latte and Arctic Goddess both £5.00 each

1x Eyeshadow brush with Smudger £3.00 each

1x Glimmerstick Eyeliner in colour Saturn Grey £1.99 each

2x ColourTrend Read My Lips Lip Gloss in colours Kiss Kiss and Watermelon Ice both £1.88 each

1x Taya Scarf in Leopard Print (this was purely an impulse buy as I am a sucker for leopard print!)



First I tried out the True Colour Eyeshadow in the Mocha Latte! Having only used it once I can only judge on my first experience which was actually very good! The eyeshadow itself has more of a creamy texture to it rather than being like ones that break into pieces as soon as you use it. Very easy to apply especially as you are provided with a brush that has a different shaped applicator on each end, which is essential for me as I do so many layers! The different shades also compliment each other very well and can either be applied lightly for more of a casual daytime look or applied more heavily for an evening look. Overall very pleased with my purchase. Although I haven't tried the Arctic Goddess shades yet I am sure it will be just as good!

After finishing my eye make-up I thought I would try out the Kiss Kiss shade of the ColourTrend Lip-gloss. I chose a shade that wasn't to dark as I don't normally wear anything on my lips. I was pleasantly surprised at how nice it the product actually was when I applied it. After trying the product a few times I found the more you put on the worse you look (well for me anyway). I found just a light covering looked smoother and more even than when I got a bit over excited and applied way too much! I still believe that the right technique is needed when applying lip-gloss which I am slowly trying to perfect!! (No one wants to end up looking like a clown!) The more I use this product the more I like it. Although only cheap it does the job and lasts a good few hours which is good going for a lip-gloss.

Completed Make-up!

Jodie x

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  1. How amazing is the Mocha Latte Quad?!

    I was rounding up some products for my first YouTube video which I'm hoping to film next week and I was like 'What should I add to this video?" and that's one of the products I've chosen.

    It also looks fantastic on you.

    Love you blog, now following :)

    Louise x

    Confessions of a Secret Shopper

    1. Hi huni thank u for your lovely comment :) it's a great product I love and a bargain seen as it will last ages!

      Thanks again xxx

  2. That looks really lovely on you and I love your eyeliner, which I am awful at doing x


    1. Thanks so much for your lovely comment! My eyeliner is just practice and a steady hand lol the amount of times it's been across my face!

      Thanks again huni!


  3. Replies
    1. Thanks huni I'm hoping to test the blues out soon!

      Thanks for the lovely comment :) xxx