Wednesday, January 16

Avon Make-up Haul and Reviews

I very rarely buy make-up from Avon as I normally stick with my faithful Maybelline products but I was prompted by a catalogue my mum brought home to start spending. There was a few items that were missing from my make-up bag so I decided to see if I could find all the products I needed from the Avon website. One disappointment was I couldn't find any reasonably priced bronzing powder, which for a make-up brand is a little surprising but I did find some other great products!

Firstly I am HUGE on eye make-up so anything from eyeliner to eye-shadow grabs my attention, along with the right tools for the job! I was sorely lacking a range of different coloured eye-shadows so this was my first purchase! I also needed a decent eye-shadow brush which would allow me to create more defined shapes with my make-up. I also never wear lipstick or lip-gloss so following a conversation with my boyfriend who suggested I give it a try, I added two different shades to my basket. So here are the products I purchased!

Products and prices:

2x True Colour Eyeshadow Quad in colours Mocha Latte and Arctic Goddess both £5.00 each

1x Eyeshadow brush with Smudger £3.00 each

1x Glimmerstick Eyeliner in colour Saturn Grey £1.99 each

2x ColourTrend Read My Lips Lip Gloss in colours Kiss Kiss and Watermelon Ice both £1.88 each

1x Taya Scarf in Leopard Print (this was purely an impulse buy as I am a sucker for leopard print!)



First I tried out the True Colour Eyeshadow in the Mocha Latte! Having only used it once I can only judge on my first experience which was actually very good! The eyeshadow itself has more of a creamy texture to it rather than being like ones that break into pieces as soon as you use it. Very easy to apply especially as you are provided with a brush that has a different shaped applicator on each end, which is essential for me as I do so many layers! The different shades also compliment each other very well and can either be applied lightly for more of a casual daytime look or applied more heavily for an evening look. Overall very pleased with my purchase. Although I haven't tried the Arctic Goddess shades yet I am sure it will be just as good!

After finishing my eye make-up I thought I would try out the Kiss Kiss shade of the ColourTrend Lip-gloss. I chose a shade that wasn't to dark as I don't normally wear anything on my lips. I was pleasantly surprised at how nice it the product actually was when I applied it. After trying the product a few times I found the more you put on the worse you look (well for me anyway). I found just a light covering looked smoother and more even than when I got a bit over excited and applied way too much! I still believe that the right technique is needed when applying lip-gloss which I am slowly trying to perfect!! (No one wants to end up looking like a clown!) The more I use this product the more I like it. Although only cheap it does the job and lasts a good few hours which is good going for a lip-gloss.

Completed Make-up!

Jodie x