Avon True Colour Eye-shadow Review

by - 1:25 pm

I have just done a post on my recent Avon Make-up Haul and did a review of a couple of the products I purchased. Having only just used the Arctic Goddess True Colour Eye-shadow I decided to do a separate review on this product. I did purchase this product in two different colours and found both palette's to be fantastic! The product comes with 4 different shades and they all compliment each other brilliantly especially when layering to create a smokey-eye. The eye-shadow is also very easy to apply, with the right kind of brush its easy to control (so you don't end up looking like a drag queen). Although the product comes with an applicator I would recommend purchasing a quality eye-shadow brush, as the one that is supplied is good but may be slightly thick when trying to create a more defined eye. 

After applying and wearing the make-up all day it was pretty much perfect by the end of the night! It was such a shame to take it off before bed! The product is also so easy to remove. No panda eyes with this product! This product is more suited for a heavier evening look rather than a day look but looks great either way! I would recommend this eye-shadow and it also comes in a range of different colours so there is something to suit everyone! Also a bargain at £5.00 each from the Avon website! 

Jodie x

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