Sunday, January 27

Natural Collection White Tip Nail Varnish Review

Having exhausted my supply of french manicure nail varnish I went in search for new stock! With nail varnish I never stick to one particular brand I always buy a variety of different brands and colours. I found this Natural Collection White Tip nail varnish at boots for just £1.89 and thought I would give it a try. I am always very sceptical when people say they have found a brilliant nail varnish as I find 90% of varnishes chip within the first day. But this product is actually very good especially compared to some others I've tried. Firstly the colour is great! I know that may sound odd when its just a plain white varnish but it is so bright that it makes your manicure look amazing and very professional. Like any nail varnish yes it does chip but not as quickly as you would think! I did my manicure 3 days ago and only had to touch up 2 fingers slightly which is great considering I have a job where I'm constantly using my hands. The product is easy to apply and a great price when your wanting a manicure on a budget! Would recommend.

Jodie x