Shopping Haul #3

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I have finally been shopping with my Christmas money! I know I'm a bit late but I eventually got my butt to the shops in Hanley! Although very into fashion I never buy designer clothes simply because I can't afford it so when I shop I stick to the usual high street brands such as Dorothy Perkins, Primark, Peacocks and New Look etc. I went shopping looking for more for casual clothing as most of my day to day clothes now have holes in or the colour has faded! I am also a sucker for comfy/lounge wear clothing, so although not very attractive I love sweats and hoodies which you will see in this shopping haul! :)

African Print Scarf: Primark £3.00

I am a bit of a plain jane when it comes to clothing. I'm not very adventurous when it comes to wearing print etc so I always try to break this habit with accessories like scarves and jewellery! So I am loving my new African Print Scarf and a bargain at £3.00.

Black Jeggings: Dorothy Perkins £23.00 (with student discount at 25% at the moment it was just £17.25)

I already have a pair of these jeggings in navy and they are great especially if you have larger legs like I do! No more struggling to get into a tight pair of jeans, grab yourself a pair of these jeggings! Well worth purchasing now as its 25% off at the moment with student discount!

Cream Knitted Cardigan: Primark £12.00

With the awful weather we have been having at the moment I was in desperate need of an over-sized, warm cardigan. The material is so soft! It will be definitely be warm this winter!

V-Neck, Long Sleeved, Cream Jumper: Primark £5.00

I actually was shopping for this sort of top for my mum who was looking for a long sleeved, brown jumper which I came across by chance whilst walking around Primark. They were such a bargain that I bought myself one in the light cream colour! Great product for layering which I will be doing a lot of in this cold weather.

And now for the comfy/lounge wear!! 

Dark Grey Zip Hoody: Primark £12.00

This hoody is actually from the men's section! I went shopping with my boyfriend who also bought a couple of these in various colours! Its my firm belief, when it comes to lounge wear, the baggier the better! Im a sucker for hoodies and sweats and will thoroughly enjoy lounging in my new purchase. (Not very fashionable I know but I love it).

And now matching sweats!!

2x Slazenger Sweat Pants Light and Dark Grey: Sports Direct 2 for £12

Well these go perfectly with my new hoody! These products are obviously never worn outside but are perfect for lounging in the house! So comfy and such a bargain for two pairs for £12. My local Sports Direct closed recently so it was nice to stock up on my recent shopping trip!

Loving my new purchases! Hopefully more to come soon!

Jodie x

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  1. Hi bbz, jus lukin thru ur pics n a realz lyk th slazenger sweat pants. xoxo

    1. I know I am a bit addicted to my sweats! Thanks for visiting xxx