The Making Of Harry Potter, London

by - 11:19 pm

With it being my 21st birthday on Valentine's day my mum and dad wanted to do something special for me. They know me and my friend are HUGE Harry Potter fans so they paid for us both to go to The Warner Bros. Studio Tour, The Making Of Harry Potter in London! I was like a big kid in a candy shop! The tour including several short movies about the making of the movies, costumes from all of the films, props, scale models, sets and much more! We even got to ride on a broomstick and fly in the famous car which is featured in The Chamber of Secrets. Here are just a small selection of the many pictures I took. The tour was a fabulous trip and would recommend to anyone who is a fan of the films. The gift is also a great place to explore but the prices are a little expensive. People travel far and wide to see this awesome exhibition with people coming from USA, Europe and Asia (and that was just the people who were on our tour). Had a lovely time as you can see from all of my pictures :) the full album will soon be found at the blogs Facebook page link: You On My Cloud? 


Jodie x

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