Sunday, March 17

Shellac Nail Polish - Pros and Cons

I've been looking for solutions for a while now for my never ending nail painting problem. Every other day I seem to be topping up my nail varnish because of one chip or another. It was actually my boss that recommended Shellac Nail Polish to me, she told me that hers had lasted almost 3 weeks and was pretty much like new when she took it off. So this is when I started doing my research. At first I found sites that told me Shellac was only available in salons and unregistered people could not purchase the product. I soon found that wasn't the case. I found several sites all over the world that sold the polish and the items that go along with it. Before I purchased anything I wanted to see what were the Pros and Cons of the product. So here is what I found.

  • The nail varnish can last up to a month compared to a normal nail polish which only last a few days.
  • No chips or scratches, which means no topping up your nails every few days, especially after a hard day at work!
  • No sculpting or filling necessary.
  • You use less product as it is applied less frequently than the traditional nail varnish brands.
  • No waiting around for it to dry, it is hardened under a UV lamp, so no smudges!
  • Better for your nails than gels and acrylics.
  • Glossy finish permanently.
  • Can now be done at home, with the proper kit. No more salons.
  • The cost! You can buy packages online with everything you need but they start from £49.99 and up for only 2 colours. (But they include your base and top coat, UV lamp and acetone remover).
  • Hard on nails! Your nails will grow weaker and more brittle. (I have been advised to take a breather after a Shellac Manicure to let your nails recover).
  • Removing the nail polish is a pain as it has to be soaked in acetone, which is unhealthy for skin and nails.
  • You have to wear the same colour for up to a month.
After reading pros and cons on a wide variety of different sites I have decided to give Shellac a try. I think the major downfall is the removal but if done right damage should be minimal....hopefully. I am happy to invest in a product that will give me longer lasting nails! All of the above pros and cons I have found from various nail care websites, blogs and word of mouth. I will definitely do a review and my own pros and cons list when I have bought and tried the product!

Jodie x