Wednesday, March 20

Shopping Haul #5

Here are my new items I bought from! I've been waiting for them for a while and I'm so glad they are now here. I am sorely lacking in nice outfits to wear in the evening if I go out so that is what I spent my money on this month! I am officially a huge fan of the midi dresses! They have been a massive trend over the last few months so I treated myself to two different ones including a peplum style dress. So these are the items I bought online off Let me know what you guys think of my new clothes!

Dress: Boohoo Snake Skin Print
Shoes: Boutique in Spain (Unsure of the name)

Dress: Boohoo Laced Patterned Midi Dress
Shoes: Next
Bangles: Peacocks

Dress: Boohoo Fitted Dress, Lace Detailed Bodice.
Shoes: Strawberry Moon
Bracelet: New Look

Dress: Boohoo Deep Red Peplum Midi Dress
Shoes: Next

Jodie x