You On My Cloud`s 1 Year Anniversary!!

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So on the 28th of February You On My Cloud celebrated its one year anniversary! The year has pasted in a blur! But what year it has been! I'm not going to say my blog was a huge hit straight away but over this past year it has slowly grown and has a small following which is amazing. In this post I will look back at various different things about the blog, including my readers top 10 favourite posts, some of my favourite comments from my lovely followers, my blog stats to date and some of my photos from my first year of blogging!

When I first started blogging I was willing it to succeed and get really big really quickly but I realised pretty fast that it doesn't just happen over night. Working gradually on your blog and keeping up to date with social media and trends will help it slowly grow. After a year of blogging my website has slowly grown so here are my blog stats for the first year :)

Blog Hits: 18,000+

Countries That Have Visited The Blog: 118

Top 5 Countries:

Facebook Followers: 48 Likes

Twitter Followers: 229

Instagram Followers: 94

Google+ Followers: 50

Blog Followers: 41

Just recently started on Bloglovin to increase my online audience :)

These are the links to my readers top 10 favourite posts over the past year!

Emma Watson

Bad Celebrity Plastic Surgery - Before and After

Make-up Ideas

Victoria Frances Illustration

Recycled Fashion

Thylane Blondeau - The 10 Year Old Supermodel

Size Zero vs Plus Size

Plus Sized Male Models

Fifty Shades of Grey Continued

Make-up Ideas Reposted

My Top 5 Favourite Readers Comments!:

I think your blog is great, very well set out, with lots of information and creativity, i also love the controversy story line of the skinny models,would love to see more controversy stories regarding the fashion industry,maybe promoting more plus size models. I have heard that you are starting an alteration service for all our own fashion items that need mending or altering would love to see that on your blog with a price list etc. well done Jodie keep up the good work. on Fashion on Film - Anonymous left on 27/3/12

Wow! great post dear! i dint know your blog! it's really great! keep posting! in invite you to visit mine and follow me if you like! ;) Kisses! on Smokey Eye Make-Up Tutorial - Marilyn's Closet left on 17/9/12

Love your blog! Loving this post especially the first paper dress... AMAZING!! :) x Hannah on Recycled Fashion - Lovelifeandmakeup left on 25/11/12

love your blog! This nail polish seems great, I love natural collection, it's so affordable and good quality! :) followed you :) on Natural Collection White Tip Nail Varnish Review - Emma-Kate Jones left on 3/2/13

What lovely gifts!!! I'm so jealous of the NY gift. Your BF is definitely a keeper :) Glad you had a lovely 21st :) xoxo on Birthday and Valentine's Haul - Laura left on 21/2/13

Some of my favourite photos from the past year that have been featured on the blog! Date back from some of my first ever posts! Let me know how successful your blog has been or some of the blogs you like to read, would love to hear from you :) 


Jodie x

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  1. Happy Birthday to your blog! :)
    Nice post, it's really interesting seeing other people's stats and stuff!

    1. Thanks Huni :) I thought I would celebrate with a post :) xxx