Friday, April 12

You On My Cloud's New Online Fashion Shop!

As many of you already know from Facebook and Twitter, You On My Cloud now has an online fashion shop! This is a new business venture of mine which came about when I unfortunately lost my job. In desperate need of money and something to occupy my time during the week, I decided to start buying and selling various fashion accessories and beauty products. I sell everything from scarves to handbags to purses! Not everything is up on the shop site just yet but take a look to see if you can grab yourself a bargain! Everything you find at the online fashion shop is brand new and is set at a great price! I import items from all over the world so don't worry about walking down the street and seeing your new fashion accessory on 10 other people. 

As well as selling on my blog I also am selling on eBay, click here to see the items! I am also planning on setting up fashion accessory parties which will be much like Ann Summer's or Avon parties. These will allow my customers to actually see what they are buying and also have a fab girly night too! The parties will incorporate games, activities, challenges, raffles and much more. Watch this space for more information on the upcoming parties! Take a look at the Online Fashion Shop here!

P.S There will be a tutorial up soon on how to create your own online shop :)

Jodie x