Saturday, May 25

Cloud Nine Hair Curling Wand Review

This product review is long overdue, I'm sorry I've been away so long. I bought this new Cloud Nine hair curling wand a couple of months ago after my hairdresser used it on my hair for a wedding I was attending. I fell in love instantly! I do have naturally curly hair anyway but I needed a product that kept my hair presentable throughout the day. I was forever curling my hair with my straighteners but the curls fell out within the next hour, which is not great when your out all day long. So this product instantly got my attention when the curls stayed put all day and all night! I even woke up looking pretty good. From that point on I knew I had to have it!

Although rather pricey, retailing at £109 at my hairdressers, it was worth it. I have to tell you it takes a while to get use to it using it on your own hair. My hairdresser made it look easy but again she was doing it on someone else. The product comes with a heat proof glove also, trust me you need it! It allows you to create the perfect curl without fear of pretty serious burns! I am still practicing with this product as it takes a lot of getting used to but it is so worth the investment. Your hair stays curling all day and it gives you frizz free curls also! If you struggle with long heavy hair which doesn't keep in your curls, try this product and you won't go back. The picture below is my hair 6 hours after I curled it. The picture doesn't do the product justice, definitely better in real life. I bought the Cloud Nine Wand from my hairdresser at her salon, ask your own hairdresser to see where you can hold of one!

Jodie x