New Business Venture, Fashion Accessory Parties!

by - 8:34 pm

This is my new business venture! After attending an Ann Summers party, I had the idea of setting up at home parties but for fashion accessories where I work for myself and not another company. I held my first party at the end of May and it was a huge success! Selling a huge range of products including handbags, purses, scarves and beauty products. The raffle and quiz were also a huge success where many prizes were won! All the information is above if you want to host your own fashion accessory party! 

Jodie x

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    1. I shall check out your facebook and bloglovin now :) xx

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  4. I think that’s a great idea! Girls nowadays just love to shop for fashion accessories and clothes, but sometimes don’t really want to bother going to the mall. I think when you bring the mall to them like that of a fashion accessories party, girls will surely be biting at the chance. Haha! Good luck on your business. It looks like it’s earning well. Have you thought of expanding to clothes soon, once it hits off? :D
    Carlene Schnitzer @ Stewart Technologies