Revlon Red Nail Polish Review

by - 8:45 pm

After severely depleting my vast nail varnish supply, I thought it was about time that I go out and purchase some new polishes. I usually buy all of my varnishes from say Boots or Superdrug but recently I have been keeping an eye on the purse strings, so I just happened to come across this large Revlon Nail Polish in Poundland, yes I said Poundland! I know what you are all thinking, cheap most of the time equals rubbish quality but given it was only a £1 I thought I would give it a try. I didn't have much to lose and it was right it in very low budget!

At first I expected it to chip and peel off straight away but I was pleasantly surprised that it lasted almost 3 days without any signs or wear! As the bottle is also quiet large the brush is also a generous size which makes the nail polish very easy to apply and handle. The varnishes consistency is quiet thick but as it is so easy to apply this is definitely a plus as this means you actually only need one coat! It also dries very quickly!

This product definitely shows that you don't have to spend a fortune to get a quality item. The nail varnish is great value for money and I would definitely recommend it for anyone on a budget!

Jodie x

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