Diary Of A New Wedding Planner Part 1

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I am sorry I haven't posted for a while, since September things have been hectic with still studying at University. Back in June 2013 I enrolled on a new course to pursue my dream of becoming a wedding planner! I have wanted to get into the events industry since I was about 15, having always studied Fashion it was a slight career change. I enrolled with The Blackford Centre back in June and I am already a third of the way through my course.

I got a call in mid July from my cousin's fiance. Slightly out of the blue she asked me if I would help her plan her wedding! They hadn't even set a date so again this was news to me. She then surprised me by telling me I had 12 weeks to plan and execute an entire wedding reception. Their very last minute plan was to get wed in Vegas and have a wedding reception back home for all the family. Talk about setting me a challenge for my first ever wedding! But even though I was a newby it didn't stop me getting stuck in straight away.

First, and most importantly was to look for and secure the right venue. With only 12 weeks to go until they wanted their reception to take place, it was a bit of a challenge. Even though I have just started out I have been making connections with various different suppliers and venues over the past few years. Knowing I was heading in this direction I knew I had to be prepared. I have working in the wedding industry doing various things for over year, such as working in a bridal shop, a wedding shoe shop where I use to customise a brides shoes and working at a wedding venue. All of these opportunities were for experience but also paid work which is a bonus! I would recommend anyone wanting to explore this career path to try and get as much experience as possible in the field. My experience working with various suppliers gave me priceless knowledge!!

So back to my 1st official wedding as a wedding planner! I had a lot of phone calls and emails to send out. There was also the viewing of the venues coming up and with only 12 weeks to do it I certainly had my work cut out for me. Read my next diary entry to see how I got on! I've also uploaded some great wedding photos, some taken by myself and others sourced for any brides who need some inspiration!

Jodie x

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